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This is a #spaghettisquash in my garden. I saved seeds from an #organic squash I ate this winter and started them in pots in March.

Do you use canola oil in your cooking? There are numerous studies—many funded by the U.S. Canola Association—touting the benefits of canola oil. DON’T let them fool you…

Who says #church can’t be fun? ⛪️ Sneak peek into the @LiquidChurch great auditorium in Ocean Grove #soulfulsundays #LiquidAtTheShore#LiquidChurch

#Spring has sprung and it’s beautiful! However it’s not always so pretty for #allergies. If you’re not feeling yourself lately, it’s common – but you’ll feel better if you come in for a muscle test to see which culprits are causing you agony.

Did you know that most #garlic available here in grocery stores is from China and has been #irradiated? (Makes it last longer). This process removes many of garlic’s #healingproperties. If you’ve ever had garlic sitting out for longer than a few weeks and it hasn’t gone bad, then you know it’s been irritated. Try to stick to fresh farmers markets for locally grown garlic.

I have another new favorite: #pineapple cucumber #juice. It’s great for #detoxing and tastes delicious. I juice one whole pineapple (did you know that pineapples don’t need to be organic?) and one whole cucumber. That’s it. #juicing#eatclean

We had a great (and busy!) day last weekend at @naturespavilion for their anniversary! We educated many shoppers on the pros of #prebiotics (different than #probiotics). Do you use them?

Steve, owner of @naturespavilion selecting the winner for a free first appointment with Natural Allergy Solutions. (Value $185)
Congratulations to our winner Tatiana Margovskiy!

A great way to start the new year is with a #fast. I like the #Danielfast – you eat only fruit and vegetables, and drink only water for 21 days. This is my lunch for fast day 8. Have you ever tried #fasting?