What to Expect

Debra helps reprogram the body’s response to various allergenic-type triggers. This includes but is not limited to, potential sensitivities or intolerances that could be seasonal/environmental, food-related reactions, chemicals or household cleaners.

Completion and timing of the reprogramming is unique to each person’s body and health status. A person may see immediate changes or it make take up to a month after your appointment. It is imperative that each client is willing to drink enough¬† water approximately half of your body weight in ounces, in order to properly allow the current to have a vehicle to travel through in order to complete the reaction neutralization.

At times certain products may be necessary to help you progress and this will be explained if the situation arises. This is often not necessary, but may become necessary depending on your ongoing level of health.

You might go through a mild detoxification process as a possible side effect. This may take the form of a mild headache or cold like symptom. This is rare, but it does occur sometimes. Drinking plenty of fluids will help compensate for this.

It is possible to work on people with pacemakers or pregnant women and children.