About Debra Nicolosi

Debra worked professionally as a registered nurse since 1974. 

She now dedicates herself to a holistic approach  addressing intolerances and balancing all systems in the body.  Using  BioEnergetics and Natural Healthcare protocols she has honed over the  years. Intolerances can manifest as a wide variety of symptoms, Debra  tailors a unique plan for each client.

 In 2001 Debra started to experience an allergic  reaction to processed wheat products.  Around the time of this  life-changing event, she became involved with the Westie Rescue group.   It wasn't long before one particular dog she found, Daisy, became part  of her family.  Shortly thereafter, Little Daisy appeared to have  developed some allergies.  Months later, through Westie Rescue, Debra  learned about Bioenergetic Intolerance Elimination (BIE) while she was  researching multiple allergy information sources.  With BIE, Debra found  out Daisy could be helped, and that Debra could have her intolerance  corrected as well.  After one session, she found that her body could  tolerate wheat, and has not had an occurrence since!  Debra was so  amazed at what BIE did for her; she knew she had to share it with the  world. 


Owner,  Debra Nicolosi, is a 40-year Registered Nurse, Certified Natural  Healthcare and BioScan Practitioner and Registered BioEnergetics  Practitioner.  She continues to attend seminars and certification  classes regularly to remain abreast of changes in natural healthcare as  the industry and research grow.

Let Debra help you bring your body to optimum health and wellness naturally!