Commonly Asked Questions


How long are the sessions and what do I bring?


The First Session is one hour.

The Follow-Up Session is 30 minutes.

Before your First Session, we have brief paperwork  for you to tell us a little about yourself.  We also ask you to bring  three water samples; kitchen tap, shower, and drinking water (filtered  or bottled).  A tablespoon of each can be collected in individual ziploc  bags the day of your First Session.  You body's ability to release  toxins is largely dependent upon your water.

Do I need to bring lab test reults to the First Session?

No, it is not necessary.  We do not do bloodwork.  We use muscle testing to identify intolerances in the body. 

What is BioEnergetics and How does it work?


BioEnergetics: A Simple Explanation (click here):
When the body is out of balance, it has the potential to be bombarded by all kinds of negative issues (or stressors).   We introduce the "signature frequency" of the stressor (not the  stressor, itself) so that the body no longer regards the stressor as a  threat.

Given the appropriate frequencies, the body will seek to achieve balance or homeostasis on it's own.  The stressor no longe produces any further advers reactions.

What are the ages of the clients you work with?

 Stressors vary and can take the form of allergens, food, chemicals,  environmental toxins (dust, mold, pollen, grass), pet dander, or  electro-magnetic fields, radiation from cell phones, WiFi, computers, or  microwaves 

Are there any side effects?


Sessions  are competely safe, but you may experience temporary, harmless side  effects during the process of rebalancing the body, known as the healing crisis.  Symptoms may feel like a mild cold or flu.

The healing crisis can start the day of the session and may last from 1 to 28 days.

Possible healing crisis symptoms:
Sore throat
Sinus congestion
Fatigue, lethargy
Aches and pains

How long before I notice a result?

 Bringing the body back into balance is a completely individual process.   It is dependent upon the extent of stress and toxic issues and the  strengh of the person's immune system. 


Does this REALLY work?


Natural  Allergy Solutons, LLC has been in business thirteen years. We continue  to have a full-time robust practice and have never advertised.  Our  entire clientelle has grown by word-of-mouth.

We believe this speaks for itself!