What You Can Expect


First Session - 1-hour

The  first session is one hour in duration, where you will have a relaxed  opportunity to discuss your health situation. An individualized plan  will be developed for you using Bioenergetics and Natural Healthcare  protocols. The  Bioscan SRT machine is Bio-Electric technology.  It is based on the  principle that ALL substances, living or otherwise, possess a unique,  measurable vibrational frequency.  The Bioscan SRT is an FDA -approved  system.  It emits frequencies that are representative of these  substances and records the body’s  response to these frequencies.  There  are over 70,000 frequencies (stressors) stored in the Bioscan SRT's  proprietary database. There is no noticeable sensation during this  process.


Baseline  parameters have been scientifically established for the response  toward each frequency.  If your body's response falls outside of these  parameters, it identifies the root cause of where your body is  challenged.  

Part  of developing your plan will be to evaluate your body's response to  water. This will be discussed in detail in your first visit.

Please bring samples of water from your home:

one  (1) ounce each of kitchen tap water, bathroom shower water and the  water you drink daily, bottled or filtered. These may be collected and  transported in clear plastic resealable bags the day of your visit. 


Follow-Up Session - 30 Min.

The follow-up session is 30 minutes in duration. Often times, there is a sequential process to resolving intolerances.   With each visit we test the substances previously worked on to ensure  the imbalance is corrected. As intolerances are corrected, new  substances may be addressed session to session, if necessary. 

The goal is to get the body to balance itself over time with out using needles or medications.