BioEnergetic History


All  cells are capable of receiving a countless number of frequencies that  are stored within the cytoplasm of each cell.  Vital life energy  (Bio-energy) fills every cell within the human body.  All metabolic  processes, including biochemical changes occur within the cells.   Bio-energy controls the utilization of nutritional substances and the  functioning of all body systems, including the immune system. 

Cells  are most vulnerable during periods of stress:  the greater the stress,  the greater the incidence of acquiring illness.  By altering discordant  frequencies within cells, the body is more capable of adapting to a  healthy homeostatic state. Every disease state (including allergy) and  pathogen has its associated harmonic and disharmonic frequencies.  Generally speaking, harmonic frequencies maintain health and promote  growth and healing; while disharmonic frequencies produce illness and  death. 

New  research introduces a radical understanding of cell science.  New  biology concepts reveal that human beings control their genome rather  than being controlled by it.  It is now recognized that environmental  frequencies directly control the activity of our genes.  For example,  electromagnetic fields such as mobile phones, microwaves, computers,  household wiring, etc., can enter cells and store in the cytoplasm,  altering the cell’s homeostasis.  This  new paradigm of “bio-electrical interaction” has given a better  understanding of how the human body uses energy to heal itself and  regulate it's activities.  It has also enabled science to reevaluate  previously discarded medical therapies and to explore new ones based on  this interaction. 

During  the 1990s, three Nobel Prize winners in medicine in the field of  advanced medical research revealed that the primary function of DNA lies  not in protein synthesis, as widely believed, but in electromagnetic  energy reception and transmission. Less than three percent of  DNA function is in protein formulation; more than ninety percent of DNA  function is in the realm of bioelectric signaling.  One might say that  electromagnetism is foundational to all healthy life.

The  cell is a machine driven by energy. It can thus be approached by  studying matter, or by studying energy. In every culture and in every  medical tradition before ours, healing was accomplished by moving  energy.

----Albert Szent-Gyorgyi Nobel Laureate in Medicine

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